PHOTO ARTSHOW 019Here are some things residents have said about being in our program:

“We’re kind of a family , sharing responsibilities.  I also work for the agency part-time and it’s a good job”.  Trevor Fransisco


 This place is serene and comfortable.  I never worry about safety or loneliness.  Staff are quick to be supportive.  I really like communal living – sharing and friends”.  A Resident

“I’m very thankful.  I’m used to life at home, the grocery shopping, the cooking and the chores.  It’s the best house I’ve been in”.  Ruth Silver

Our program offers the following:

  • house meetings to discuss house issues
  • partnering with residents to help them make healthy lifestyle choices
  • nutritious food plans
  • accompaniment to medical appointments when necessary
  • residents can participate in the employment program
  • participation in employment programs
  • opportunities to learn interpersonal skills such as assertiveness
  • wellness plans
  • needs and goals assessment
  • social recreation art studio access
  • volunteers