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A consumer survivor’s experience coming to the VanDuzer Art Studio, printed in an issue of the CSI Bulletin.

My Trip To…  VanDuzer Art Studio

By: Lloyd

The VanDuzer Art Studio is a converted coach house that promotes artists – painters, poets, musicians – and other creative activities.  It is a facility that has a welcoming atmosphere. There are art pieces prominently displayed on the walls depicting a variety of subjects that germinate in the artists’ imaginations. For the most part, these pieces range from excellent to very good. Maybe it’s the close proximity to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) that has wielded its influence, but the studio is worthwhile visiting even for its ambiance.

The work tables are paint-spattered and provide enough impetus to get involved. There is a kitchenette, a bar fridge and a washroom.


We believe self-expression through the arts can play an important role in the process of recovery.  We have been fortunate with the help of Ontario Trillium Foundation and the special support of Mrs. Joan VanDuzer to convert an old building into a creative space for artists.  The studio is supervised during hours of operation by staff and/or volunteers.  Groups who book a time at the studio must be accompanied by a coordinator who is expected to facilitate the group.

“Some people live their whole lives like they’re drowning in a pool.  Coming to a place like the VanDuzer Art Studio, is the only time they are above water”.              – D. Buckley

The VanDuzer Art Studio is a shared environment. All participants are expected to treat one another and the property with respect.

Before opening it’s doors. Now tables are paint splattered and art is up on walls!

PHOTO ARTSHOW 064Limited storage for unfinished and finished work is available. Generally, groups are expected to bring their own materials to the location and remove them upon leaving.

Fees for groups are low and can be waived under certain circumstances. Cheques should be made payable to Eden Community Homes.

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