Beverley House

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Beverley House

Beverley House

Our second house opened in 2002 under the Phase 1 Homelessness Initiative and is a supported rooming house for women who have a history of homelessness and serious mental health challenges.

Applicants to the program must be eligible for Ontario Disability Support or Ontario Works.  Staff are available on- site for up to 24 hours. This program was designed for women who need a lot of day to day support to live successfully in the community.  Meals are prepared for residents, staff assist residents with medication and laundry, and CCAC, (Community Care Access Centre), is accessed if personal care is required.  There is common space and residents also have their own private bedrooms.  The closest streetcar is  Beverley Street and College or alternatively  Beverley Street and Dundas, east of Spadina.

Applicants must:

  • be women and over 16 years of age

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  • have a recent history of homelessness
  • have severe and persistant mental health problems
  • be willing to participate in a rehabilitation and recovery-focused program
  • be able to thrive in a congregate living situation
  • require the degree of support offered by the program
  • require assistance with daily living skills
  • require assistance with medication
  • benefit from a meal program
  • be able to climb stairs
  • be able to exit the house in case of emergency