New Brochure! Wellness Through Art : Making Art Spaces Accessible to Mental Health Consumer Survivors

ART AGENCIES Brochure - final1

Please click onto high lighted area above for a full copy of the list of art spaces available in the Greater Toronto Area for adults.

This brochure was made possible through a grant by Green Shield.





Eden Community Homes Celebrated 30th Anniversary!

An artist who uses the art studio on a regular basis, Luis Estores, kindly made a video of the evening.  Please see click on link below.


On October 9, at 6:00 p.m. we began our celebration party for the 30th Anniversary of Eden Community Homes.

We had a full agenda with great speakers as well as live music for the evening.  Board President Michael Zroback welcomed everyone to the celebration.  Past Board President Andre’ Wagner talked about how the agency began and gave a lot of praise to the staff and residents who made Eden a place where peopel are respected and accepted.

One of the residents who has lived at Eden House for the past three years spoke about his positive experiences living in the house as well as working at Beverley House.  We gave Dr. Robert Heyding a special tribute and presented him with a eagle scupture carved from a deer antler by Mr. Glen Trudeau.

Honoured guest of the evening, Dr. Kwame McKenzie spoke about the incredible post effect supportive housing can have on people’s lives.

We were really excited to see a trailer of the amazing film which our staff person Tamara Wilen has been working on with 14 artists who talk about their experience of mental illness and how art has really helped them towards recovery.  The trailer was really well responded to by the audience and we hope to see more of this project in the coming months!