Featured Artist, Carolyn Pack

 About the Artist

Carolyn’s vision and artistic method define her as an artist.

Her painting style and technique facilitate the communication of her art. Her paintings are an expressionist’s realism.

Carolyn’s principle medium, oil on canvas expresses her artistic potential.

She works from life, drawings and her photography, a continuous file of images. She collages her photographs as the construct of the painted image. A place in time is painted through the context of figurative realism and artistic vision.  Her paintings are an expressionist’s realism of light, form and color harmonies.

Her body of work represents a genesis of artistic method. Her earlier work involved a creative process from original collage. The collaged image was the construct and style of the painted composition. In 1991 Carolyn exhibited twelve oil paintings based on collage at the Justina Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, U of T. Collage remains inherent to her work.

Carolyn’s paintings celebrate beauty through passion and the use of elemental contrasts. Her paintings are layered in the expression of realism pushing boundaries of meaning, contrast and beauty. Through the camera lens she is drawn to sunlight on nature and architecture.

The artist teaches art classes and continues to instruct the process of oil technique and artistic expression. Carolyn graduated from a fine arts program from the Toronto School of Art in 1986, continuing studio work with fellow artists, exhibiting and teaching oil technique privately and with adult classes.carolyn











Carolyn is a strongly motivated fine artist winning awards and attention for technique and artistic achievement.

Carolyn is the daughter of professional, classical musicians. She has performed in professional classical choral concerts. Music is a significant part of her experience as an inherent link to visual art.