Executive Director

MARGARET AUGUST 2013My name is Margaret Lynch and I have had the pleasure of being part of Eden Community Homes for 18 years.  We are a small dynamic agency in downtown Toronto.

We have always been responsive to the people who use our services and to the stakeholders in the community.  Along with supportive housing , we also serve many consumer survivors who love coming to our art studio.  We have seen real growth in the people who live in our homes and the people who come to our art studio.  People need more that housing they need a home, they need more that professional services they need friends, adn they alos need something meaningful to do in their lives.  Everyone needs to be part of a community  and we have developed a special community here at Eden Community Homes.  We can be proud to be part of this community!

I hope this website will help you learn more about our programs.  We have also added a list of links to give you resoures to help you learn more about mental health resources in the community.

Margaret Lynch,

Executive Director