Main Office

196 Beverley Street, Toronto,  Ontario M5T 1Z1

Phone:  416-977-3655   Fax:  416-977-9217

MARGARET AUGUST 2013Executive Director:

Margaret Lynch

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Finance Manager: 

Janet Christensen 


photohouse hillholmHillholm House

1 Hillholm Road, Toronto, Ontario

M5P 1M1


infront of bev summer

Beverley House

196 Beverley Street, Toronto, Ontario

M5T 1Z1


VanDuzer Art Studio

VanDuzer Art Studio

Contact Tamara Wilen at 647-280-4931.

Please see how to get involved under Studio

The studio is behind 196 Beverley House.  To reach it please walk down the pathway located on the north side of the house, between 196 and 198 Beverley Street.