Beverley House Our belief is that “Home is a good place to start”.

The first step to making one’s way in life is having a safe, affordable and permanent place to live.

For adults living with serious mental health issues and addictions, this first step can often feel insurmountable.

We believe in recognizing people’s strengths and work in partnership with individuals on their journey to recovery. We endeavour to help our residents discover how to lead the life they are capable of living. Eden Community Homes is committed to providing quality housing, building community, and focusing on recovery.

Eden Community Homes has offered supportive housing since 1983 in Toronto. We are a registered charity funded by the Toronto Central LHIN  and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Our volunteer Board of Directors brings expertise to the table in diverse areas, with many years of dedicated experience.

NEW:  We are sorry to say that the Art Studio is closed at this time.  We are also fortunate to have a “Wellness Through Art” Program offered in the art studio at our Beverley Street location.  The studio offers various art drop-ins and special workshops on a weekly basis.  It is not just a place for artwork – it is also a place for all the arts imaginable.  The coordinator works in tandem with the participants to seek out new ideas and creative opportunities. Studio time is available to adults in the community who have experienced mental health issues.  Please look for the monthly  schedule under the “Art Studio” heading.

Eden Community Homes
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